Tips To Enhance Your Cybersecurity

Tips To Enhance Your Cybersecurity


In this day and age every business needs to be thinking about cybersecurity. Unless you operate your business solely using paper, cash payments, and the US Postal Service; you could be vulnerable to hackers.

Typically large businesses are the ones in the news because of cyber attacks, however most cyber attacks target small businesses. This is because small business owners don’t think they need to worry about cybersecurity.

The good news is it’s surprisingly quick and easy to take a few steps to help prevent vulnerabilities in your company’s cybersecurity. Keep in mind it’s not all you’ll ever need to protect your company, but it’s a great start.


Use Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is a great way to amp up your cybersecurity. It prevents possible hackers from accessing your personal and business accounts, even if they’ve stolen your password. Two-step verification makes you perform another identifying action after putting in your password.


Usually, after you put in your password, the two-step verification system sends a text message to a phone number you programmed into it. This text message contains a randomly generated code which you enter in order to continue with login.


Backup Your Data

What if a hacker decided to change your passwords and your company lost all access to its data? What if they delete all of your information? By storing all your data and information in one place you run the risk of losing it all if you get hacked.  


A backup is a digital copy of your original data that is used to recover work in case of disaster. Most modern software programs have the means to automatically backup whatever data you tell it to, but you can also simply copy document-by-document if you prefer.


Be sure to store your backup on an external hard drive, or flash drive. DO NOT keep the backup on the same storage device as the original. For example, if you store both the original and the back up in the same place and you get hacked you still could lose everything, and that defeats the purpose of a backup.


Up-To-Date Antivirus Software

A most definite in cybersecurity is antivirus technology. Do some research to find the right one for your size and needs. Once the software is installed, set up auto-updates and make sure they’re happening! Failing to regularly update your antivirus software will make it ineffective, making you more vulnerable to a cyberattack.


Smart Web Navigation

Most employees probably don’t think much about how they might be compromising their company’s cybersecurity and that could be a huge problem.


Some tips all employees should know:

  • Never share their passwords, and it should be changed every 3 months
  • Use two-step verification for work computer log-in and all relevant business software log-in
  • Don’t open unexpected emails from strangers, or unexpected attachments. Even if the attachment is from a trusted person, confirm they sent it before downloading
  • Backup your data as often as possible, and know where it’s kept. Immediately report any missing data.
  • Turn off computers before leaving at the end of the day

You should think of cybersecurity the same way you think of security for your office; with locks and alarm systems.