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What are the tax benefits of 1031 Exchange?

Named for a specific section of the tax code,1031 exchanges are a valuable tool for real estate investors. Though the IRS does require that the exchanging investor meet some very specific requirements, 1031 exchanges provide some very important tax benefits. Here are the most notable.
coral springs short sales


Is buying a short sale a good deal? What you should know about purchasing a home offered as a short sale.

Flood insurance isn't only for people who live near the water

The price of flood insurance is well worth the peace of mind. The loss of personal items is traumatic enough, there’s no reason to compound that with what is effectively the loss of your home if you don’t have the means to repair or replace it.

The South Florida Housing Market Continues To Sizzle

The weather is getting hotter and so is the South Florida real estate market. As we approach the summer buying season all indications are that south Florida’s real estate market will continue to sizzle.