Legislative Update


With the legislative session in full stride I thought this would be a good time to provide an update on some bills currently in committee.  One bill that’s getting a lot of attention is HB 1357 which has a direct impact on condominium association and homeowner associations.  Some of the key components of the bill are;

  1. A mandatory requirement that all condominium associations greater than 500 and all HOA’s greater than 750 parcels post its official records on a website;
  2. A requirement that directors and officers disclose activities which could reasonably be construed as a conflict of interest;
  3. A prohibition against enforcement of traffic and criminal laws within the community;
  4. A relaxsation on the duration of time and frequency of rentals of homes in HOA communities;
  5. A requirement to provide payment plans for delinquent owners prior to collection.

HB 1357 is one of many bills circulating the legislature that could have a direct impact on real property in Florida.  Updates will be provided as this and other bills evolve throughout the legislative process.